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Veux is a French word that means dream, wish, want, or desire.

Amidst the many services we offer, VEUX Studio’s true product is the dream of the artist. Our primary goal is that dream becoming a reality. From the name of our business down to the details of your experience, every bit of VEUX studios is designed to be a professional recording studio with that goal in mind.


  • Deeply personal, creative experiences, tailor made to fit your needs. 

  • A producer dedicated to your heart for the project. 

  • A space that inspires and provides an incredible experience.

  • Uncompromising attention to detail with world class tools

Please understand, we don’t take your trust lightly.

Without fail, we will meet your trust with integrity and work to achieve your total satisfaction!

"Please understand, we don’t take your trust lightly."


We understand the incredible work it takes to craft your music. From the creation of your lyrics to refining parts and melodies, we know you’ve poured your heart and passion into your songs. We are here to come alongside you and your creations to achieve the dreams you have for them, whether they’re still in the creation stage or ready for the final polish.


 VEUX Studios exists for the artist. It is a professional music studio built from the ground up

by artists for artists.

We love what we do, and seeing ideas become tangible is like magic to us every time. It never gets old helping artists achieve their dreams. Each and every project is a brand new adventure, and we can’t wait to go on that adventure with you.


We have a single goal:

Your dreams, delivered. It's that simple.

About |: Our Vision

"Your dreams, delivered. It's that simple."





James Conner is a young American songwriter, producer, and mix engineer, known for his unique ability to contribute to every part of the creative process. His technique breaks down a song from every angle, and approaches each production as a vehicle for the song’s inherent emotion.

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