VEUX Studios is a world-class recording studio for music built by artists for artists. We are proud to offer some of the finest tools, spaces, and people available when recording your music. Engineers, producers, and rooms are available for half day and full day sessions.

All of VEUX Studios’ microphones, instruments, and amps will be at your disposal during the entire course of your project. A full gear list will be provided upon request. We also offer a full range of software instruments, including incredible acoustic and electric pianos, Rhodes, rare vintage synthesizers, acoustic and electric bass instruments, and much more. There is no sound we can't help you accomplish.

You can make use of our experience in many areas, including technical questions about mix prep, best practices for engineering and editing your songs, instrument choices, microphone/ preamp choices, etc. We help you get it right at the source because the better the source audio is, the better the final product will be.

We’re here to help make sure everything is the highest quality while offering a comfortable space that makes you feel like you are recording music at home. We want to do whatever we can to make sure the final product is a success. Using a combination of our tools and passion for music, we know that together we can make something great!



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