Once your songs have been recorded, its time to move on to the mix stage. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a unique space for every part

  • Giving punch and clarity to the instruments and vocals

  • Classic tone shaping for added richness, texture, and character

  • Adding width and depth to give your music a three dimensional sound

  • Treating groups of instruments for an added sense of cohesion

  • Enhancing the dynamics of your music to give a sense of energy and excitement

We use these techniques to ensure that all the passion you’ve poured into recording your music can be appreciated. Its our mission to bring out the full potential in your sound. We are devoted to making every detail its best, and will take the time necessary to make sure you are delivered a mix of the highest quality. This is why our mix services are offered at a flat rate per song and not priced by the hour and why we also offer unlimited mix revisions at no additional cost. Your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority.



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