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“James is the real deal. The whole package . Not just a great producer and engineer - but he gets music. He plays all kinds of instruments not just ok- but really well. That’s a huge bonus to be able to talk instrumentation in depth to a band or individual.

Plus - he’s a rad dude to hang out with too... I’ve been around some brilliant producers etc ... but they can’t connect with people in social settings the way he does. That’s really important.”

Blake Guthrie

Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist

What’s special about James is his ability to be whatever is needed. It’s incredibly rare. He can write lyrics and music, he can lay back and engineer with competency, he can produce both the music and vocals, and can play multiple instruments. His ability to do all these things is what makes him so valuable.”

Dameon Aranda

Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals for Aranda

“As a producer and engineer, James has such a great ear for details. He’s patient and meticulous; working hard to get the perfect recording. He knows his tools so well, that he works very quickly and efficiently. He’s very open minded during the creative process, offering insight, solutions, fresh perspective, and that creative magic. He caters to the clients’ wishes and truly seeks to immerse himself in their vision. James has a very diverse musical background that lets him connect even further with artists in many genres.”

Steven Powell

Lead Guitar for Starter Kit and Drawn Onward

“Limitless passion, infallible quality, countless hours of dedication and pure soul come out of every project James touches. His attention to detail, integrity, and a well rounded pursuit of excellence sets him leagues above all others. Every piece of his music is crafted with timeless artistry, and is flawlessly unique. You can work with someone that flaunts their talent, but I’d rather work with someone who knows their purpose. This is the epitome of James Conner.”

Stephen Schmidt

Producer and Recording Artist

VEUX Studios gave me the best experience I’ve ever had in the studio! Not only will they work tirelessly to help you get the perfect take, but they will help you create the exact tones and sounds you have in your head! The overall experience was phenomenal and welcoming. We will be going back soon for our next single! I’ll recommend VEUX Studios to everyone I know who is looking to record!


Taylor Trickle

Lead Vocals for Miami Over Moon

20 times better than any of my past studio experience. They worked so hard to make sure our first single was done perfectly! Besides working hard, they care about your music and give input and try make every parts its best. Thank you VEUX Studios!

Manny Valles

Lead Guitar for Miami Over Moon

Recording with VEUX Studios was my very first studio experience and I am beyond thankful for their hospitality and excellence in the recording business. Not only did they help us record our first single, but they walked us through every step and made sure that every note was perfected. Not only did I learn the process, but they took the time to teach me new skills in music. By far the best studio I’ve ever worked in and won’t be going anywhere else!


Daniel Cruz

Bass and Keys for Miami Over Moon

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