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In order for your music to match the industry standards for loudness and clarity, mastering is an essential step. Mastering can feel like an elusive dark art that isn’t easy to understand. Here's a simple explanation. Mastering is the final step of audio post-production.

Our goal is to:

  • Unify the sound of your record

  • Maintain consistency across an album

  • Create clarity and depth in every track

  • Make sure your music meets industry standards

  • Prepare your digital files for distribution on various platforms. (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,

    YouTube, etc.)

    We also take special care in this stage to make sure your music will sound great on any system it’s played on, from an iPhone to an arena. This means that no matter where and how your music is heard, it will sound its absolute best.

    In addition to our digital services, we also offer mastering specifically for vinyl. Vinyl masters are less compressed and use unique equalization curves. By eliminating and controlling frequencies that cause the needle to jump out of the groove, this process prevents skipping during playback and allows us to deliver the sonic experience you expect from vinyl. If you would like this specialized mastering service for your project, you can let us know when submitting your proposal request.

    All mastering at VEUX studios is offered to clients at a flat rate. This is because we believe it’s not the money spent that makes your music stand out. It’s the time.



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Thanks for submitting!

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